MAJ du 12/10/11


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D-Koup' ?

D-Koup' is a program, working with the Windows 9X or ME platforms (sorry, issues not yet resolved for NT users), that allows the user to cut up large files into smaller portions, making it possible to place them on diskettes. With this new version, the user is able to define the size of the portions created. Five (5) sizes are predefined: 60K (notepad), 713K (double density diskettes) , 1.38Meg (high density diskettes), 100Meg (zip disks) and 650Meg (CD-ROM). If the pre-defined choices do not suit the user's needs, it is possible to specify a personalized size. A batch file is created for the re-assembly of the original file.


First off, the user must select the size of the portions to be created by clicking on the button labelled [Options]. The default size is 1.38Meg. Next, click on the "Cut" tab, and choose the file to be cut using the button labelled [...] The user can start the process by clicking on the button labelled [Cut]. The portions and the batch file are then created in the directory of the file selected; (In order to cut a file or program from a CD-ROM, the user must first copy the file to the hard drive). The portions created and the batch file will carry the original file name followed by the extension .dxx. For example: the original file being named YOURFILE.*, the portions created will be named YOURFILE.D00, YOURFILE.D01,... and YOURFILE.BAT
To re-assemble the file, copy all the portions and the batch file into a directory. Next, the user has two possibilities: With D-Koup : Using the tab "Rebuild", click on the button labelled [...] to search for the first portion of the file (*.D00) to re-assemble. Then, click on the "Rebuild" button to begin re-assembly. The second possibility is to simply double-click on the batch file.

Important note: In case of long files names or filenames with special characters, use D-Koup' to re-assemble the file. The batch file will not be able to re-assemble the file due to DOS limitations.